Worcester Driving Test Centre

Worcester Driving Test Centre

If you live in the Worcester when it comes to taking your driving test then you use the Worcester driving test centre which is on Brindley Road Which is in between Berkeley way and Wainwright Road.

Before you can book your driving test you need to pass your theory test I once you’ve passed your theory test the right thing to do is to speak to your driving instructor about an appropriate time for taking your driving test.  the driving instructor may actually book the driving test on your behalf or give you a date and time for you to do it yourself.

Even though you have booked your driving test it does not mean that you are ready to pass your driving test right now and before you take the test itself and strongest recommendation is that you take and pass a mock driving test with your driving school.

In a test carried out in the 1990s by BSM driving school they proved that learner drivers who took a mock driving test almost doubled their chances of passing their test at the first attempt.

The driving test itself is about 45 minutes long and I’m the day of the test you only need to take with you your theory test certificate and your provisional driving licence usually before the driving test you will have a one hour driving lesson and your driving instructor will remind you of the documents you need to bring.

Driving examiners are government officials appointed by the dvsa not all driving examiners has been driving instructors however all driving examiners has taken intensive courses to understand what you need to demonstrate  become a full driving licence holder.  The driving examiners report to a senior driving Examiner and receive regular testing there is no truth in The Rumour that there is a quota for people passing the driving test.